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Kennel Tour and Description

The Norfolk Hunt kennels are the oldest kennels in America still in current use. The kennel buildings were constructed around 1900, when the Wardner Farm, on Centre Street in Dover, was purchased by the Club. Norfolk's foxhounds were moved from the Dedham Polo Club - where they had been kept since 1896 - to the newly built facility, which continues to be used today.

The layout of the kennels was so well-designed it has changed little since the turn of the twentieth century. The hounds live in three lodges, each of which has a large, attached, outside enclosure. The kennels also include a feeding room, a whelping room, two runs for bitches in heat and a puppy yard. Vents in the ceilings keep the kennels cool in summer, and when closed, warm in winter. A 1911 photo in the book, "The Norfolk Hunt: One Hundred Years of Sport," shows the Norfolk hounds setting out for a hunt towards Centre Street; the kennel building in the background looks just as it does today.

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