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Norfolk Hunt Pony Club History

The Norfolk Hunt Pony Club was originally founded by the Norfolk Hunt Club, in 1954. This was the same year the United States Pony Club came into being in America, making the Norfolk Hunt Pony Club one of the oldest Pony Clubs in the Nation! Membership dues were a mere $2.50!

By 1956, led by Mrs. John Grew, the NHPC boasted a record 142 members! Although the membership was enormous into the mid-70s, many members did not own horses or have access to them. Many of the Clubs meetings, therefore, revolved around unmounted educational activities such as horse management, fox hunting, and veterinary care. Mounted meetings were offered to those who had mounts. Within a few years of inception, the NHPC put a 75-member cap on its membership, accepting for renewal only those members with a 50% attendance rate. As the years have gone by, more & more new members are children who have ready access to a mount, although this is not a requirement for joining NHPC. This has caused membership to decrease over the years—because although the desire of children to be around & learn about horses remains strong, the cost and availability of this type of lifestyle has prohibited many families from getting involved.

The Club currently has 17 members --- a very manageable size compared to the "old days." With these smaller numbers, we are able to offer great opportunities to all of our members. As was in 1954, an enthusiastic, generous and hard-working core of volunteers and parents keeps the Norfolk Hunt Pony Club operating in a progressive, positive, and fun fashion.

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